About Us

About Techcon

Techcon is a premium brand for electronic goods and a joint venture of two reputable companies, Skyhi Associates Pvt. Ltd. and Bhuvan Marketing. Both partners have their business set up in Haryana. They work for the leading brands of consumer electronics & white goods.

The founders of Techcon boast of a rich experience of 20 years and counting. Their 800+ wide network of faithful retailers has given them the strength and confidence to catapult Techcon to success.

Story behind the Brand

Our journey began five years back when this idea was initiated by the worthy directors of this brand. At first, the directors were separately trying to build & look for inspirations that would guide them to success. However, after two years of hard work & in-depth mapping of this industry, everybody reached the conclusion that a joint venture was the best way forward.

In Dec 2018, a common connection was made and worked upon. Following this strategic merger, in January 2019 Deal of Nations “Don” for short was created where Techcon, as an electronics goods brand, was ready to spread its wings.

Vision & Foundation

The common vision of both the partners consists of the company spreading its influence over the whole of North India.

We follow the philosophy ‘we value your trust’ with which we are committed to creating problem-solving products. We are a company that is designed to make your life easier through our best-in-class products and services. A parallel aim is to provide the ‘value for money’ proposition to enhance consumer trust in us.

The key to success for every company is to have a strong foundation and we, at Techcon, are fully aware of this.

Techcon Management believes in trust which is the foundation stone of this company. We are running a co-operative model of business where everybody is virtually a partner and everyone has the right to speak, suggest & show their potential.

Research and Development

Our trade is all about technology and making it convenient for the end-user. Our focus is to always provide the best product for our customers through the sheer force of creativity and innovation. We have a team that only focuses on R&D to find new solutions, features or designs with low pricing to cater to the needs of daily life through our technology. All our products go through rigorous scrutiny and research before entering the market. We make sure that the products satisfy the norms of the BSI (Bureau of Indian Standard) and BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficacy).

Business Strategy


Always focus to satisfy all our customers’ end and our channel with feedback and finding a solution to keep them intact for our future business aims. We deliver on offline Distributors and Retailers to reach our customers as well online dealings,currently with Amazon


We dream about a future where we are a part of your family and serve all your needs through our products. We tend to come up with the following products after completing our R&D. Washing machine, Stabilizer, Geyser, Heaters, JMG (Juicer Mixer Grinder), Clothes Iron and New range of our Home Theatre


Before entering the market, our first aim is to establish a service centre rather than our selling channel partner. We have our toll-free customer care number functional from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for all types of queries. We have one service centre in each district of Haryana.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we keep our service centres up to date for all customer requirements.